01 The Utmost Bounds of the Unknown (Detail), 152cm x 107cm, Oil on canvas.

02 Baad Fjord, 152cm x 107cm. Oil on Canvas.

03 Coming off South Cape, 90cm x 41cm. Oil on Canvas.

04 Trapped Berg, 152cm x 90cm. Oil on Canvas.

05 Kanaqukjuaq, 61cm x 46cm. Oil on Canvas. 

06 Piece of Ice Shelf, Oil on Canvas.

07 Raven Shit, Oil on Canvas. 

08 Sundogs Gold Cove, Oil on Canvas. 

09 Glacier Camp, Oil on Canvas. 

10 Block of Limestone Carried on Old Lava Flow - Black Ball Head, Oil on Canvas. 

11 Dooneen Copper Mine, Oil on Canvas.

12 Under the North Engine, Oil on Canvas.